Get what you need, not what you are sold. is the first truly buyer-centric service.

We connect people who need a certain item or service with energetic and investigative people who like helping others.  The concept is simple: the buyer describes what they need - the people from all over the world respond with their offers.

How the idea was born

It all started with a coffee cup - the perfect coffee cup, with a sturdy handle, thick ceramic sides to keep coffee hot, and a picture of a happy little Beagle dog. I had purchased this cup for 75 cents at a yard sale in 2007. Every morning since then, the Beagle and I made coffee and prepared for work.

Then one morning a few years later, I dropped the mug and it broke. Immediately, I went to the internet and started to search "white coffee cup with Beagle" and "coffee cups with dogs" but they weren't the same. I wished I could spread a Wanted! poster across the internet with a picture of exactly the white ceramic Beagle coffee cup I was missing.

That day, I told my friends this story and we realized that everyone had a similar experience. So we came together to create, a space where people can share what they want - anything from a coffee cup to a collectible Star Trek figurine to car repair services, and have someone help them find it.

Our purpose

We want to use the FindOrBuy platform to elevate your voice and your needs. Today, when you search for something on the Internet, the top options are dominated by irrelevant ads and large companies that pay to promote their items. What you are truly looking for is then lost somewhere in the depths of thousands of search pages.

FindOrBuy is a tool for you to reach out to the world with a unique request to find an item or its substitute, to fix the original, or to acquire a service. All you have to do is post a few photos, write a short description, then relax and wait. With the information you post, the FindOrBuy community members will be able to search the World and respond to your listing with different options.

We encourage community members to be as active as possible. If you find this tool helpful, please help someone else in the FindOrBuy community and respond to their listings too. The process works if everyone does their small part. To encourage participation we have created a system of rewards. More active members receive a higher reputation for being helpful, and higher reputation allows their posts and responses to be more easily noticed and rewarded.

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Our vision

FindOrBuy now has a patent pending to ensure that this unique consumer-focused community is gathered in one place. We want to be a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for anything. Then as the community grows, we will become more and more efficient at helping each other find what we need. Everyone is an expert on a few unique items and if we come together we can find anything, even that special Beagle coffee mug.